Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Chr…

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Anonymous I'm a big fan of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas and I adore manga. Mixing the two is just amazing. It's the same story as the movie, without the songs though. (That's why I give it 4 stars, I mean the movie's nothing without the songs) The drawings are just wonderful, I mean it's japan manga at its best. You read it in right to left format, which is regular for manga, the format makes it faster to read. (I finished it in a half hour) They caught all the details from the movie and the drawings make the book funnier than the movie. If you're like me and love TNBC then you should buy this book and add it to your collection.

Anonymous I think that this book is a absolute must buy for teh nightmare before christmas. NEED TO BUY THIS BOOK! the first time i read it i was kinda confused because its backwards. but it was pretty awsome plus the charectars looked mostly like the real thing! IT ROX!!!!!

jo-poet Being a visual learner, this is the best way to read a story. The graphics are excellent. The layout is traditional manga, which is great. And of course I love the story. This book is for any age!


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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Chr…

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