Alex and Ani Bangle Bar “St. Christop…

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Anonymous Is this bracelet high end? No. It is, however, very cute and great for casual attire. I bought the "Russian silver" color and am wearing it right now. It is not the brownish color as depicted on the site image; it is more of an oxidized sterling silver color, which I find lovely as well. Another thing to note-the site description does not state the size of the charm-I was expecting a slightly larger charm (maybe the size of a quarter), the charm is however roughly the size of a penny. The charm is nice and sturdy, and the bracelet is lightweight but is very well-made. I am not of the faith, but I love the lore associated wth St. Christopher and like the thought of being protected in my travels. All in all, very pretty, very vintage, and a great little gift for yourself and others. I think I might buy other bracelets from this designer. I also like the fact that it was made in the U.S.


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Alex and Ani Bangle Bar “St. Christop…

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